Top Best walks clients through a 4-step process designed to assess their current financial situation and establish customized strategies that will help them reach their long-term goals and aspirations. Here is a brief description of each step:

Interview & Establish

Start discussions on the goals and objectives you are trying to accomplish and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Gather Data & Analyze

Gather data on all your financial assets and liabilities and complete an income statement and net worth analysis to assess what resources you currently have available. Top Best will analyze your entire financial picture, then identify any potential risks. Top Best then builds a map on how to get you from your current situation to where you would like to be in the future.

Implement & Manage

Top Best will evaluate your current situation, then discuss with you any potential changes that need to occur as well as any risks that could derail your retirement. We then agree upon and implement a strategic plan. Top Best will create and manage an investment portfolio in accordance with your individual risk tolerance and goals.

Review & Monitor

An appropriate review schedule is created based on your comfort level. As stated earlier, Top Best will then diligently monitor the investment markets and suggest changes as market conditions dictate.

Once Top Best guides you through this 4-step process, your customized financial plan is implemented by utilizing the following services:

    • Responsive & Retina
    • Extensive docs
    • Powerful Navigation
    • Video Backgrounds
    • Social Plugins

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Top Best feels that the best way to add value to a client’s financial situation is by making appropriate changes to the client’s portfolios when the market dictates those changes are necessary.


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